Knowing What I Know About Heaven **
(Sarah Darling – Billy Austin – Dave Robbins)
I Have Decided To Follow Jesus **
(Stefan Kardebratt – Thomas Engström)
My Sweet Lord **
(George Harrison)
I`ll Be Home (In a Day Or So) **
(P Williams)
He Showed Me Love ***
(Brice Hendersson))
What A Friend We Have In Jesus ***
(Thomas Engström – Ulf Esborn)
Oh My Love *
(John Lennon – Yoko Ono)
What A Wonderful World *
(George Weiss – Robert Thiele)
Från Ovan **
(Staffan Lindfors)
Härlig Är Jorden *
(Thomas Engström)

Label: Roaddust Records
 The Orchard

Released: 30th October2020
Arranged, Produced & Mixed: Bertil Broddéus & Niklas Persson*, Stefan Kardebratt ** samt Ulf Esborn ***
Mastered by: Uffe Börjesson at Earhear, Stockholm Sweden (earhear.net)

Joshua af Saga

Manager says…
It is with great excitement we look forward to the singer Joshua af Saga’s first Christian but in all third album ”My Sweet Lord”. We’re not quite in agreement with him how to launch of the album later on would take place. Making some form of promotional concerts was completely out of the question, but he has announced that he will do a number of church concerts in the spring or later during 2021 to follow up the album release – then with a couple of members from his band Siberian Khatru from the ”Living In The Past” album – now performing these Christian songs in a very special performed concert.
”Merlin” Woodwise
Director Roaddust Records
With this album, I choose to “follow the cross and leave the world” – having said that I have chosen to spend time with as few people as possible and only those who are beyond this in spreading bitterness and absorbing people’s oxygen. I have sought and received peace of mind from our Lord and will follow His ways to preserve it. People die of bitterness and hatred. Instead, put your ear close to your soul and listen carefully. – Tell me what are you going to do with your single and so very important life? A bitter person has / makes no friends and doesn’t enjoy any kind of sympathy.
March 2017 I basically ended my over forty-five-year life in the music industry when my inner voice said I have had enough. At the same time, I got a call from God, well not physically, but he came to me in a monologue that was so strong and just confirmed to me what I decided – let go off your old life and starting all over. There was such power in this that the same week I contacted all the artists and companies I was involved in and told them that I must discontinue all collaboration – now – and everything must be ready by the end of the year – and so it was!
Throughout my years I have been extremely privileged and have been able to work, tour and in various ways have participated in work with artists such as Brothers Jones (US), London Symphony Orchestra – Classic Rockproject (UK), The Hollies (UK), Joe Fagin (UK) just to name a few in about a hundred.
Personally – since I became a believer fully out in March 2017 – I follow the Ten Commandments of God. So simple and no strange. -You shall not steal says one of the commandments. How hard could that be? Imagine if everyone in the world could just follow this one of the Ten Commandments of God – What A Wonderful World.
“To love yourself right now – just as you are – is to give yourself heaven”
All my praying is for the peace of mind. You usually become so strong that you get the strength and time to help your fellow human beings – to be a good guy / girl simply. That’s just what God wants …
…and by the way – hope you like my music as well – God bless!