I live and got my base in a medium-sized city – 25 km north of Gothenburg on the west coast – called Kungälv. I have been practicing music professionally since I was 17 – became a sailor as a 16-year-old because my father said I had to get a job. Well, didn´t like school that much then, mostly engaged in soccer and music. Played fairly high up in the divisions in both handball and soccer. My Christian faith was there early but lay behind and germinated. I enjoyed going to church when I was confirmed and given a membership in the Swedish Church. There was a wonderful priest named Jan-Arwid Hellström who understood us young people in a fantastic way. Me and some friends went to different Christian camps with the church and I got the chance to tour as a guitarist and singer in early years with Jan-Arwid and his lovely wife Lena who was an incredible great female singer. He later became a bishop in Växjö Cathedral, Sweden and was the one who incorporated popular music into the churches and also had several of his songs in the Swedish hymn book.. Jan-Arwid soon realized that I was interested in pursuing myself in the subject of Christianity and made sure I got started at Priest Gymnasium in Gothenburg, Sweden.
It was about a year there and then it was about learning Latin … so I jumped off and put almost all the energy into my music. Former of several bands, the first was called Mercurius and was based in Gothenburg, Sweden. A little Black Sabbath inspired with Swedish lyrics. Then I got a chance to join the Anglo-Swedish hard rock band Shaggy in the years 1974 – 1976 and record the now cult-declared LP “Lessons For Beginners”. A hard rock record produced by The Spotnicks legend and singer Bob Lander (who passed away in 2020).
Then I formed additional bands like The Army and Highway with members such as Tony Borg (guitar), Toby Tarrach (drums) and Jimmy Wandroph (keyboard) who later took place in the band Alien. After that I started agency, but above all a concert bureau as I was really tired of all long trips and tours and that I formed a family at home in Gothenburg. During some years in the early eighties, I also ran a recording studio just outside Gothenburg. From then until now I have worked with a lot of different artists as musicians, songwriters, tour managers, concert organizers, administrators and much more. So far I’d collected 17 gold discs and 6 platina discs for the co-operation with different artist. Below is a selection…
Aqualuung – Arise – Arja Saijonmaa – Arvingarna – A Tribute to Dire Straits – A Tribute to George Harrison – A Tribute to Stevie Wonder – Avenged Sevenfolds (US) – Barbados – Barbara Schenker (GER) – Basse Wickman – Bengt Magnusson (Classic Guitarist) – Bjarne Lundqvist Show – Brian Connelly (UK) – Brolle – Brothers Jones (US) – Bryan McFadden (UK) – Bryan Rice (DK) – Butcher´s Babies (US) – Caroline Larsson – Charlotte Perrelli – Chris Lindh – Christer Sjögren – Citizen Zero (US) – Cornelis Vreeswijk – Creedence Tribute – CyHra – Cypher16 (UK) – Dag Vag – Dajana Lööf – Dan Hylander – Dark Tranquillity – Deals Death – Death Destruction – Decision (UK) – Dille Diedricson – Don Patrol – Ebba Grön – Eddie Meduza – Eldkvarn – Eluveitie (CH),  – Engel – En Hyllning till Ted Gärdestad – Eric Bell (UK) – Evergrey – Extra – Failure Anthem (US) – Fame Factory – Flamingokvintetten – Folk & Rövare – Gladys del Pilar – GoodTimes 70´s Show – Gospel Glory – Green River Band – Gyllene Tider – Gryningstid – Göran Fristorp – Göran Söllscher – Hammerfall – Hannah Blixt – Herman´s Hermits (UK) – Highway – Hoa Dahlgren – Immension (UK) – I Prevail (US) – Jake E – Janne ”Loffe Carlsson – Janne Lucas – Jerry Williams – Jigs – Joe Fagin (UK) – Johan Stengård & Mamma Mia Hits med kör – John Ballard – Kamelot (US) – Karin Glenmark – Killer (SUI) – Kizz (US) – Kjell Bergqvist – Kobra & The Lotus (CAN) – Kung Sune & Göteborgsrockarna – Ladies Night – Lady Jane – Larz-Kristerz – Lars Vegas Trio – Lasse Holm – Lasse & Emil Sigfridsson – Level 42 (UK) – Linda Bentzing – Linda Sundblad – Linus – Lodolakören – Lois Rodeo Show – London Symphony Orchestra (UK) – Lorene – LSO Classic Rock (UK) – Lullwater (US) – Manfred Mann´s Earth Band (UK) – Martin Stenmarck – Markoolio – Markus Fagerwall – Mats Ronander – Michael Nyqvist – Mikael Tornving – Motvind – My Sweet Lord (föreställning) – Måns Zelmerlöw – Nickie Glennie Smith (UK) – Nifelheim – Nifters – Noel McCalla (UK) – Nordman – Norman Stanley James St Clair – Ozzy Osbourne (UK) – Packets Rock Cirkus – Pernilla Wahlgren – Peter Harryson – Peter Lundblad – Peter Magnusson – Phil Barrett (UK) – Pugh Rogefeldt – Republic Of Rock´n Roll (UK) – Richard Harvey (UK) – Rite On Time – Rock´n Roll Army – Rock´n Roll Maskinen – Rock Olga – Roger Pontare – Rognedal – Santa Cruz (FI) – September – Serenity (UK) – Seven Kingdoms (US) – Shaggy – Sheen Doran (UK) – Shift – Silenmarra (US) – Smash Into Pieces – Snakeskin Angels – ShadVentNicks – Shine On (A Tribute to Pink Floyd) – SixtySeventies – Snowstorm – Snöstorm – Sonic Syndicate – Sonja Aldén – Sons Of Seasons (GER) – Staffan Scheja – Stars On 45 (NL) – Sten & Stanley – Sten Åke Cederhök – Steve Dobrogosz – Stratovarius (FIN) – Streaplers – Sune Mangs – Symphony X (US) – Takida – Tanic (UK) – Tarja (FIN) – Taxi – Ted Gärdestad Hyllning – Thandeka (NAM) – The Army – The Bootles (UK) – The Dooleys (UK) – The Heat – The Hollies (UK) – The Mule Skinner Band – The Ryot – The Special Tour – The Spotnicks – Streaplers – The Sweet (UK) – The Temptations (US) – The Ultimate Creedence Tribute – The Unguided – Thomas Di Leva – Tina Thörner – Timo Tolkki (FIN) – Toto Coelo (UK) – Triple & Touch – Ulf Bengtsson – Varning – Vaudeville – Vicious Rumours (US) – Viki Vaki (ICE) – Within´Temptation (NL) – Viva (GER) – Wizex – Yardbirds (UK) – Örenäs Castle Christmas Market – ÖMR hyllar Hootenanny Singers – Östen Med Resten…
March 2017 I basically ended my over forty-five-year life in the music industry when my inner voice said I have had enough. At the same time, I got a call from God, well not physically, but he came to me in a monologue that was so strong and just confirmed to me what I decided – let go off your old life and starting all over. There was such power in this that the same week I contacted all the artists and companies I was involved in and told them that I must discontinue all collaboration – now – and everything must be ready by the end of the next year – and so it was!
I took a year off – where I took the opportunity to do things I had dreamed of all years and hadn’t done. One of these things was to realize the thought of finally having to release music personally which is now realized. The second was to find peace of mind and get it deeply rooted. This is also to a large extent realized but was required more than anything else and must last all the time. I’ve actually been completely shut out of the world and just hanging out with a few who give me something back – from the heart – “follow the cross and leave the world”.
I have in so many ways been a spectator of what bitterness and hatred can do to people – they have become small little individuals, yes, they are simply pitiful. This is tragic as most of them are extremely competent at what they do. Imagine if they instead spent as much time on this. These are the ones I pray for – that they can find back, seek peace of mind and develop in their talent / profession. With peace of mind you become so strong and can be a good person. Bitterness gives birth to loneliness and most often these individuals discover it too late.
Personally – since I became a believer for a 99% – in March 2017 – I follow the Ten Commandments of God. So simple and no strange. -You shall not steal says one of the commandments. How hard could that be? Imagine if everyone in the world could just follow this one of the Ten Commandments of God – What A Wonderful World.
“To love yourself right now – just as you are – is to give yourself heaven”
I pray every day and mainly – for peace of mind. You usually become so strong that you get the strength and time to help your fellow human beings – to be a good guy / girl simply. That’s just what God wants …
…and by the way – hope you like my music as well – God bless!
There are also a great many individuals, musicians and others who have inspired me over the years – I have probably forgotten some of you but you are still an equal part of my good life …
All love and respect to my producers, multi-musicians and friends Stefan KardebrattBertil Broddéus (God leads us – believe you now) and Ulf Esborn. So much joy, rebuke and development of the songs you gave me in these pieces of music has been a wonderful journey. In addition, an incredible hospitality at your great studios and family houses. Uffe Börjesson at Earhear for great ears mastered the album. Others who have give me tremendous inspiration both during the recordings and through the years are guitarist Magnus Karlsson (you are the best), Walter Seyffer, Berndt Unger, Ton Scherpenzeel, Fidde Rognås (love your guitarplaying since 1974 and thanks for performing on ”I´ll Be Home” video) and our rock mates from ”the good old days”, Thomas Ryan (UK), Kurt Kästner (A) and Jan Destner (R.I.P man), Niklas Persson (great work with final mixes of Bertil Broddéus arrangements), Charlotte Dravengård and Ida Rosin (backing vocals), Henna Henderson (UK), Mary Jane Jones (UK), ”I am no-one” Anderson (UK) for awesome technical knowledge, Mikael Karlsson (horns), Trevor Burton (US) for guiding me when bought guitars, Kjetil Granli for great help when getting my percussions almost completed – very much appreciated, Per Burström at Crafton Music (Swe) for amazing service, Dille Diedricson (wherever you are –  R.I.P), Tony Prior at Claude Hopper Productions (UK) who treated me so well during mid 80´s when I was based in London for three years and we created some great concerts – will never forget that. Wishing you a comfortable pension. Richard Harvey (thanks for inviting me to your panflute concert in London -83, now I know why they say you’re best in the world – it totally change my musical life and I had so much fun touring with London Symphony Orchestra when you conducted)…and finally thanks to all of you musicians involved in my band ”Siberian Khatru” – we’ve just started the journey – I’m so proud of you.
To my best friend on earth, my dear wife Maritta (over the past 40 years), I humbly thank you for all warm love, happiness and support over the years and dedicated ”A Song For You” on the album to you, Lisa Kardebratt for good food and friendship during visits and during the recordings. Johnny Ljungberg (you always have listened and believed and being a true friend), Joakim Jalin at Jalin Films – I couldn’t do anything without having your knowledge making my websites, videos and promo material. A good friend since many many years, Johnny Hansson for your big heart, care and friendship – a pity that you didn’t have time to play drums more, Peppe Maier at HPM Entertainment, you’re the best and we’ve had so much fun. Kenneth Pilo (we’ve had so many years where we had so much fun and co-operate and produced your lyrics and my music and had a final place in the contest ”Fame Factory” with our song ”Power Of Life”), Henrik Uhlin because you are who you are – wonderful friend and one of the best musicians I know, miss you a lot. Why did you move so far away?. Thanks to Bert K (Belgium) for all the legal help with rights, agreements and guidance over the last 30 years – feel safe with a such friend and mentor with such knowledge. You are the lawyer of the lawyers. Love to Mrs K as well. ”Merlin” (my magic friend – I knew you through my entire life and no-one – except for my wife – knows me better than you), Andy Solveström for being such a dear friend through the years – knowing you is just a lots of fun and thanks for performing on ”I´ll Be Home” video. Fanny Hansson and Moa Engström for the performing on the ”Från Ovan” video, Jan-Arvid Hellström, Bishop in Växjö for your guidance in my early years and got me to study in high school for priests only 19 years old. This I have brought with me through all the years even though I did not finish it. R.I.P sir. Bernhard Olsén, my mentor for over 40 years, miss you so much – R.I.P The Orchard (US & Sweden) teams with Ebba Guhnby (taking so good care of us) and Jenny Ericsson (you’re the best – so professional) for believing in me and Roaddust Records…and finally tons of love to the wonderful The Kartanos Family at Armeno Beach Hotel (heaven on earth) in Perigiálion, Greece. I’m so proud to be called your friend and family – you mean more to me and my wife that you will ever know. See you soon.
…always in my life – Mother Mary (90 years old and still going strong), my dear sister Pialotta (one of the strongest persons I ever known – proud of you), my lovely children and grandchildren.

The album is dedicated to my dear father Tage (1923 – 1992) who always inspired and supported me in my music and sport career and one of my mentors in life always saying – talk to and treat people with respect and be honest – then you sleep good at night. Daddy – done what you said and you were right, miss you so much.