I`ll Be Home (In a Day Or So)
(P Williams)

Label: Roaddust Records
 The Orchard

Released: 26th March 2020
Arranged, Produced & Mixed: Stefan Kardebratt

Matered by: Uffe Börjesson at Earhear, Stockholm Sweden (earhear.net)

Joshua af Saga & Siberian Khatru

My absolute first single ”I’ll Be Home (in a day or so)” on Spotify and on video was released  27th March 2020 and the complete debut album ”Living In The Past” close after – 24th April 2020 – with my musicians in the band Siberian Khatru. Finally somethings going to be released to the world after a year of hard work.
-So privileged to be able to work with all these incredibly competent musicians, organizers and producers when creating this, my first soloalbum (with my band Siberian Khatru). From all over Europe you have given me tremendous energy to create, dream and recording this music. 
Being able to work in the studio with a guy who’s been friend for over ten years, the multi music artist, organizer and producer Stefan Kardebratt was a wonderful experience. Especially when we recorded the first song in a session of three and after doing a take one of the song – Bodie (later included on the debut album) was Stefan’s first words … hmmmm, ok – that was not so good! Then the ice was broken and we had a tremendously fun and rewarding recording relationship. Stefan is also the only person I know with the absolute driest humor in the music industry. Which is much appreciated. However, what I appreciate most as a singer and artist is Stefan’s accuracy in the studio where he leaves nothing to chance. I know he spends countless hours on the arrangements of my songs both instrumentally and vocally. Then he also has access to as many incredibly competent musicians as he hired in if needed. I am extremely proud to have access to Stefan’s time and knowledge. The song “I´ll Be Home (in a day or so)” I found already in 1967 in a market in a cardboard box and bought for 50 cents. The band was called Dream Police and was Americans –  yes I know, there’s a Norwegian band started 1989 with that name nowadays as well. I fell in love immediately in this composition. Now, 53 years later, I have released it as a video and single and it has – you could easily say – played well in its sleepless sleep.