Härlig Är Jorden
(Thomas Engström)
What A Wonderful World 
(George Weiss – Robert Thiele)

Label: Roaddust Records
 The Orchard

Released: 15th May 2020
Arranged by: Joshua af Saga 
Produced & Mixed: Bertil Broddéus & Niklas Persson
Mastered by: Uffe Börjesson at Earhear, Stockholm Sweden (earhear.net)

The SixtySeventies feat Joshua af Saga

”Härlig Är Jorden” to me is one of the most beautiful pieces in the Swedish hymn book and when I now got a chance to record a personal arrangement of it, it feels extremely nice to be able to present it to you all. When I also had the opportunity in the arrangement to put in the prayer “Our Father” it became harmony in my soul.

“What A Wonderful World” came to life in a completely different way. I took the opportunity to sing the song acapella at one point and my producer Bertil Broddéus said that this could be a way of doing it. I said, well – then we keep this and you fix the music. Not quite easy when I sang freely without using “click” on the recording and I took it on my own. A challenge for my producer who, with joy, love and musicality, got it in the end. Be my guest!