Härlig Är Jorden
(Thomas Engström)
What A Wonderful World 
(George Weiss – Robert Thiele)

Label: Roaddust Records
 The Orchard

Released: 15th May 2020
Arranged by: Joshua af Saga 
Produced & Mixed: Bertil Broddéus & Niklas Persson
Mastered by: Uffe Börjesson at Earhear, Stockholm Sweden (earhear.net)

Joshua af Saga

”Härlig Är Jorden” to me is one of the most beautiful pieces in the Swedish hymn book and when I now got a chance to record a personal arrangement of it, it feels extremely nice to be able to present it to you all. When I also had the opportunity in the arrangement to put in the prayer “Our Father” it became harmony in my soul.

“What A Wonderful World” came to life in a completely different way. I took the opportunity to sing the song acapella at one point and my producer Bertil Broddéus said that this could be a way of doing it. I said, well – then we keep this and you fix the music. Not quite easy when I sang freely without using “click” on the recording and I took it on my own. A challenge for my producer who, with joy, love and musicality, got it in the end. Be my guest!