Från Ovan
(Staffan Lindfors)
Ett Enskilt Rum På Sabbatsberg*
(John Holm)

Label: Roaddust Records
 The Orchard

Released: 24th April 2020
Arranged, Produced & Mixed: Stefan Kardebratt and *Bertil Broddéus & Niklas Persson

Matered by: Uffe Börjesson at Earhear, Stockholm Sweden (earhear.net)

Joshua af Saga

March 2017 I basically ended my over forty-five-year life in the music industry when my inner voice said I have had enough. At the same time, I got a call from God, well not physically, but he came to me in a monologue that was so strong and just confirmed to me what I decided – let go of your old life and starting all over. There was such power in this that the same week I contacted all the artists and companies I was involved in and told them that I must discontinue all collaboration – now – and everything must be ready by the end of the next year – and so it was!
In 2004 I met a person who is one of my absolute closest friends today – Bertil Broddéus. Fantastic musician and above all bassist as well as it would turn out later – one of my absolute favorite musical arrangers. He has an ear that I haven’t seen for years on how music can be arranged. This without any college education or music gym. He has acquired this knowledge at a perpetual touring with own bands and famous Swedish artists and today as he has passed the 70-year limit he spends more and more worship in his cozy studio in the middle of Sweden. 
Over the years we have often talked about religion, about prayer, about 60s music, about setting up different shows, about how fragile life is and what you can become strong of after going through heavy periods in life. Bertil is positivism personified and with the greatest heart a man can have in his soul.
In the midst of all this we sat down 5-6 years ago and I dedicated him to the incredibly beautiful ballad ” Ett Enskilt Rum på Sabbatsberg”. A story from a person who was set to watch over a dying man in his last few hours on earth. He asks questions and he also thinks about questions he wants to ask the man. On this, Bertil made a fantastic arrangement that will last for many, many years to this sad sad lyrics that is highly relevant in this tough time on the globe with Covid-19 and hospital cancellations of the staff that have been going on for many years. Both Bertil and I want to dedicate it as a tribute to the fantastic staff we have in Swedish healthcare today – and life.
The first song I thought of to the Christian album at an early stage was “Från Ovan”. Composed by my dear friend Staffan Lindfors, folk musician and also a member of the extremely competent composition Östen Med Resten. -I am so proud Staffan for taking part and your permission to record the song. I also made a video I’m very proud of together with my friend since long time, filmmaker Joakim Jalin. 
First time I heard the song was at a live concert at Vara Concerthouse, Sweden with the wonderful Swedish band “Östen Med Resten”, which includes Staffan. When he sang the song with an expressive and slightly brittle voice, I decided immediately – this one I have to record. Staffan makes it on his own album a little wonderfully folded and probably more beautiful then I. I wanted a little heavier beat on it but keep the loving words with clarity. This I told my producer Stefan Kardebratt. -I understand what you mean he said …. and yes, he definitely did. Feels like a hit !!!